Panda Anti-Rootkit

Panda Anti-Rootkit for Windows

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  • Version: 1.08.00

A quick, efficient tool to find and remove rootkits

This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at Panda Cloud Antivirus instead.

If you think a rootkit may have settled somewhere in your system, use Panda Anti-Rootkit to get rid of it.

This simple security tool finds and cleans rootkits from your system in a quick, easy to follow 3-step process. First, Panda Anti-Rootkit scans running processes, Windows Registry, services and other key areas in your system. If any rootkits are found, it removes them straight away. Finally the program displays a report with all taken actions.

Panda Anti-Rootkit features two scanning modes, standard and in-depth. The latter is more effective, but requires a system reboot.

The program is quick, effective and doesn't require installation, which means you can also run it from a USB memory device. On the downside, it doesn't feature any configuration options.

With Panda Anti-Rootkit you can rest assured that your system is free from rootkits.


  • Easy wizard-style interface
  • Two scanning modes
  • No installation required


  • No configuration options


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Panda Anti-Rootkit


Panda Anti-Rootkit 1.08.00 for PC


User reviews about Panda Anti-Rootkit

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I am confused whether it will delete correct rootkits or net. i need a better solution if any body knows submit

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